Flip Box


Sponsor the purchase of a product and earn the returns when it’s sold. Earn an income buying and selling phones without the hassle of running a store. 

Start earning as a buyer

We'll do all the work

Flipboxng is the go to platform for consumers looking to sell their electronic products fro cash quickly usually within 24 -48 hours. With our strategic positioning in the market, we get a lot of good deals below market price offers that can turn a profit for you – the sponsor. 

How It Works

We’ll help you earn without hassle or stress, simply sponsor a purchase, we’ll sell the product and you’ll get the earnings.

Step 1

Sponsor A Purchase

Select a product to purchase. We'll let you know whenever we have a new product.

Step 2

We'll Resell

We'll buy the product and resell at the stated margin

Step 3

Get Paid Instantly

You'll get your money back plus the proceeds

Quick Sales

We endeavour to resell each product within 2 weeks to ensure you get quick returns

Money Back Guarantee

All sponsorships come with a money back guarantee


Earn with ease, let us do all the work. Simply sponsor and track your earnings

High Margins

Earn between 5% to as high as 35% margins on each purchase